Hallett Motors Racing Circuit

Hallett arialviewThe IRQ-101A and IRQ-100A were tested out at the Hallett Racing Circuit, while having tons of fun. Sara - 92' Civic roared the always challenging Hallet Motor Racing Circuit. Hallett Motor Racing Circuit is a 1.8 mile, 10 turn Road Racing course. Hallett has over 80 feet of elevation change and is considered Technically Difficult. It has wide, grassy run-off areas and zero concrete or Armco barriers.

Hallett Motor Lap

Back on the road, this video shows in more detail the track with its challenges and the traffic. The car performed well, and the IRQ-101A response was great. We would like to keep everyone informed on our video uploads, so please subscribe to our youtube channel.

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We are delighted to anounce our new products as described below. 

IRQ-100A: Oil Pressure Sensor

We are proud to offer our Oil Pressure Sensor. While this sensor does not have the expensive logo from other companies, it performs just as well. It is based off new ceramic piezo electronics that allows you to get a voltage output from 0-4.5V with a really low current consumption of 8mA. We offer this cable at any length (up to 4 meters). We also offer this sensor with high quality terminating connector from Binder-(712 Series 4-pin Male connector). This stainless steel sensor has a 1/8NPT thread and is capable of 0-100psi output.


 IRQ-101A: Gas Signal Conditioner



We are excited to introduce our IRQ-101A Gas Signal Conditioner. This great little device will allow you to replace the analog fuel gas gauge from your car and while still using a fuel sending unit. The IRQ-101A outputs a steady voltage signal between 0-4.5V. The current consumption of the circuit is well within most power capabilities of Data Aquicition Systems (a low 45mA worst case). The IRQ-101A output voltage will not will remain smooth when the car is subject to rough terrain, voltage spikes of the battery nor curves. While the current version has been optimized for a 1-110ohm sensor, we can provide you with a IRQ-101A to fit your needs, just contact us.



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