About IRQ Engineering

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We are a small startup company. We are a team of eager engineers driven by the passion of design.  Our design team has over 20 years of experience combined in different sectors of the aviation and electronics field.


We give a great amount of effort in the design of custom electronics and sensors for the automotive market. One of our team members is an active race driver, and our great source for testing our designs in the field. We are technology lovers and really enjoy working on embedded electronics designs.


Among a long list of products our team has work on are car power controllers, heater controllers, motor controllers, motion controller, and so more. Our tendency is to work on things that can be controlled and need to be controlled. Our design point of view is that while a solution might be available in the market it might already be an overkill by a product trying to be everything for everyone.


Our design team consists of two electrical engineers and one mechanical engineer. They are based in Wichita-KS, so if you are in the area, and there is not a tornado, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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